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Black & Stones

Stone is a very popular material in interior decoration. It can be used in various forms and ways to add character and style to a room.

One of the most common ways to use stone in interiors is as a cladding on walls or floors. It can be natural stone, such as marble, granite, sandstone, or artificial materials, such as quartz conglomerate or stone panels, ceramic and stoneware tiles.

Modern & Elegant studio

Modern interiors are often associated with a cold and austere climate, but they can easily be transformed into warm and cozy spaces. The use of warm colors such as brown or beige will add warmth and coziness to a minimalist interior.


Plants are a great way to introduce nature into the interior and give it a unique character. They are ideal for apartments in large cities where there is a lack of greenery, but what to do when there is no space in the apartment? Hanging plants are the answer.


Chocolate brown has become the new black in fashion for some time. This project is an example of the use of deep chocolate brown in the arrangement of an apartment. In recent years, brown has not been a very popular color in interiors. It was quite rightly associated with the overused color of wenge on wood-like furniture and the style of the 90s.


The classic style is probably the longest-lasting interior trend. Currently, it is most often designed in a modern version called Modern Classic. No wonder, the interior with this style is both elegant and functional.


Courage allows you to create something surprising from seemingly well-known elements. Here, it allowed to turn a small studio into an intriguing and intimate living space in the heart of a rushing city.


The interior design of the apartment at Union Square in Gdynia is a composition of various shades of white and beige appearing in various textures. The noble structure of travertine on the kitchen counter, the softness of the upholstery on the sofa or fluffy carpet, large, smooth and illuminating surfaces of walls or floors finished with polished and colored concrete. Hidden doors were used to emphasize simplicity and minimalism.


Textures surround us everywhere; roughness of a woolen blanket, smoothness of a glass vase, uneven stone surface. We perceive them with two senses – the sense of sight and touch. The interior, full of textures and structures, is multidimensional, envelops and invites.


. How to create a modern and cozy interior. This effect was achieved thanks to the combination of smooth surfaces in subdued colors with the addition of natural, bleached wood on the floor and warm chocolate on the walls and in furniture fitti


Peace, contemplation, stillness, silence. This project is my interpretation of minimalism. Limiting the color palette to white, brown and beige, giving up decorations. The use of clean, geometric forms and flat surfaces, smooth and elegant materials.