House in Maślice in Wrocław

Interior design of a semi-detached house in Wrocław, Maślice.

Location: Wrocław, Maślice
Area: 88.87 m2
Scope: Complete executive design.

House in Maślicae in Wrocław is a combination of modernity with a touch of Scandinavia and red accessories. The red color is a difficult color in the interior, it is easy to “show off” with it, but when used in the right way and in the right shade, it gives an incredible elegance.

In this project, in a small space, there had to be many zones: a kitchen with a small island, a dining area and a lounge area with a projector instead of a TV. Despite this, the interior was supposed to give the impression of being spacious and cozy, without the impression of “a mess”, which will be taken care of by two toddlers