The assumption of the project was to keep it in fresh, sunny colors, therefore a combination of light blue with light wood color was used in the day zone.
The bedroom and the main bathroom are a kind of oasis, decorated in warm, calm colors.


Design of a kitchen and a living room for a 2 + 2 family with a total area of 40m2 and a height of about 7m. Due to the high height, the curtain rails are designed to optically lower the ceiling and allow for hanging curtains that give the impression of coziness. The space is kept in elegant, subdued colors with the use of gray, beige and wood.


The apartment in Maślice in Wrocław is a large apartment decorated in monochrome colors.
White and black, a combination of timeless, emphasizing the structures and textures of the materials used. These contrasts in the interior will not let it ever get bored.


An apartment with an area of 65 sq m in the center of Wrocław. The project included a common area and a bathroom. The whole is kept in subdued colors, whites and grays with a strong, warming accent in the form of brick orange. It is complemented by light wood and concrete.


Interior design of a one-story house in Psie Pole in Wrocław for a 2 + 2 family. The interior combines subdued colors, earth tones, beige, brown and white. These colors are usually associated with classic interior design, here they are used in a modern arrangement. Their warming power and primal relationship with nature make them neutral, universal and timeless colors.


Interior design of an apartment in a soft loft style for the marketing needs of a developer building a housing estate in Oleśnica near Wrocław.
The aim of the concept was to show potential apartment buyers its arrangement possibilities.
In this interior, to give it an industrial character, black metal elements in the form of glazing were used, separating the kitchen and living room from the corridor. They were repeated in the bed structure in the bedroom and in the bathroom in the sink cabinet. Raw concrete has been left on the ceilings, which is illuminated with directional lamps on rails and point lighting. Deep garnet was used as a complementary color.


The dim, dirty blue color perfectly harmonizes with the white walls and furniture as well as the warm shade of the oak floor, creating a harmonious interior in a studio apartment located in the heart of Wrocław. The area of the apartment is 43 sq m, we have completely changed the layout of the rooms, opening the kitchen to the living room, creating a living area. The second room has been divided into a small bedroom and an additional room serving as a guest room and a place to work. The task was not easy, because the apartment is located in a seal made of a large slab. The interior was to be light and feminine with elements of the 1960s, for which the owner has a great fondness. Managed to?


House on Loteryjki street in Warsaw is another project with a strong color accent. The deep, blue shade of kitchen furniture, sofas, walls and curtains stood in opposition to the light floor, the whole was illuminated with a blue pattern of tiles and accessories.
We like brave investors and unconventional solutions. In this project, we focused on concrete on the ceiling, which perfectly exposes the lighting.
The whole thing gained a modern character with a delicate industrial accent in the form of metal structures.

House in Maślice in Wrocław

Dom na Maślicach in Wrocław is a combination of modernity with a touch of Scandinavia and red accessories. The red color is a difficult color in the interior, it is easy to “show off” with it, but when used in the right way and in the right shade, it gives an incredible elegance.

House in Szczodre near Wrocław

The house plan in Szczodre is one of the few projects that was not supposed to be “bright and spacious”. But what to do so that the dark interior is not gloomy? It is worth considering the colors used and weaving the dominant, vivid color into it. In the case of this project, we chose emerald green, which, surrounded by gray and chocolate-colored wood, gains additional depth and stands out to the fore. The interiors in a dark color palette are incredibly cozy, they make you want to come back to them after a long day of work and busy. It is an asylum many of us dream of.