House in Maślice in Wrocław

Dom na Maślicach in Wrocław is a combination of modernity with a touch of Scandinavia and red accessories. The red color is a difficult color in the interior, it is easy to “show off” with it, but when used in the right way and in the right shade, it gives an incredible elegance.

House in Szczodre near Wrocław

The house plan in Szczodre is one of the few projects that was not supposed to be “bright and spacious”. But what to do so that the dark interior is not gloomy? It is worth considering the colors used and weaving the dominant, vivid color into it. In the case of this project, we chose emerald green, which, surrounded by gray and chocolate-colored wood, gains additional depth and stands out to the fore. The interiors in a dark color palette are incredibly cozy, they make you want to come back to them after a long day of work and busy. It is an asylum many of us dream of.

House in Iwiny near Wroclaw

The assumption of the project was to obtain a maximally functional interior, easy to clean. Minimalism, we thought straight away, but the sterile and cool interior was not what the investors wanted. The whole was “wrapped” in beige brick and an oak-colored floor, thanks to which the interior has become cozy, warm, reminiscent of modern Scandinavia.

Apartment in the attic in Wrocław

Design of an apartment with an area of 65 m2 located in the attic at Racławicka Street in Wrocław.
The scope of work included the adaptation of an existing apartment bought from the secondary market to the needs of new owners and their stylistic preferences.
Thus, an apartment with an average design has gained a Scandinavian character combined with the style of the 60s and industrial details

Villa in Konstancin – Jeziorna

The Konstancin Park investment is an architectural project of a house for four families, prepared by Bogdan Kulczyński’s team in 2008, and completed two years later.
The building consists of four luxurious, two-level apartments, approx. 130 m2 each.
One of them became the subject of our project.

Apartment for a single in Warsaw

Each new project is a new challenge, but defining this implementation as a challenge is definitely not enough.
The interior was supposed to be different than all the others. Colorful, optimistic, but also industrial with loft accents.
Sofa with patchwork upholstery plus graffitti on the wall, bed made of europallets plus mirrors on the ceiling… Is it all possible, will it look good?

Scandinavian style house

At the beginning of July, we met Paulina. Paulina bought a terraced house and dreamed of an interior in a Scandinavian atmosphere, combined with modernity and, above all, functionality. This …